Grantees of the André and Michel Bouriez Foundation


Dr Noémie Sachs-Guedj
Surgeon in Gynecology-Obstetrics – University Hospitals of Geneva (Switzerland)

Study on the optimization of the luteal phase in assisted reproduction medicine ; determination of the dose of progesterone, its mode and duration of administration in order to optimize the success rate of assisted procreation by implantation of frozen embryos;

Dexeus University Hospital (Barcelone – Spain) ; Reproductive Medicine Service – Pr. Nikolaos Polyzos ; from July 1st 2022 to June 30th 2024

Grant : 59.300 CHF


Dr Isabel Fernandes Arroteia
Surgeon in Neurology – Centre Hôspitalier du Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

Validation of the use of point of care tumor methylome analysis using new generation nanopore sequencing (NanoDIP/EpiDIP), coupled to ultra-fast non supervised machine learning algorithms in the diagnosis of pediatric brain tumors and evaluate its impact on perioperative decision making, further treatment and the prognosis of the patient;

University Hospital Basel (Switzerland); Department of Paediatric Neurosurgery– Prof. Raphael Guzman ; from Oct. 16th, 2023 to Oct. 16th, 2024.

Grant : 50.000 CHF


Dr Urs Fisch
Neurologist – Hôpital Universitaire of Basel (Switzerland)

Study on the factors and medical signals that allow determining the probabilities of remission in patients who, after a cardiac arrest, are in a coma and exhibit epileptic activity. The conclusions will help refine the vital diagnosis of patients and enable intensive care units to make better decisions regarding treatment options.

Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard University (Boston, USA) ; Neurology Department – Pr. Jong Jee ; from Jan. 1st 2024 to June 30th 2025.

Grant; 25.000 CHF with a possible extension to 50.000 CHF followint the progress of the study and therefore the lenght of the stay.


Dr Belkacem Acidi
Hepatobiliary Surgeon – Hôpital Paul-Brousse Ap-Hp Paris (France)

Study aiming to develop and validate (in vivo and ex vivo) intraoperative navigation tools in hepatobiliary surgery. The project focuses on integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into intraoperative ultrasound, using the MasSpecPen to refine tissue characterization The project includes the development of three-dimensional (3D) models to optimize the planning and execution of surgical procedures.

MD Anderson Cancer Center – University of Texas (Houston, USA) ; Oncological Surgery Service – Pr. Tran Cao ; from January 1st 2024 to October 31st 2024.

Grant : 40.000 CHF.


Dr Amir El Rahal
Neurosurgeon – University Hospitals of Geneva (HUG) (Switzerland)

Study aimed at optimizing the detection of the cellular phenotype of central nervous system tumors through morphometric extraction, incorporating new neural network tools, and utilizing new technologies such as Stimulated Raman Histology (SRH) associated with a new technical tool developed in Freiburg based on AI and big data.

Medical Center University of Freiburg im Breisgau, (Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany); Department of Neurosurgery, Microenvironment and Tumor Immunology Laboratory (MiLoLab) – Prof. Jürgen Beck; From January 1, 2024, to June 30, 2025.

Grant : 40.000 CHF.

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