Data protection declaration

Version of January 04, 2022

In application of the Swiss federal law on data protection (LPD) of September 25, 2020 (and particularly its article 19) and the European regulations on data protection (RGPD) applicable since May 25, 2018, we – the Fondation André et Michel Bouriez “FAMBz”, “we” or “ourselves”) – explain in this data protection declaration how we collect and process personal data. This description is not exhaustive; other data protection declarations, general conditions of sale or conditions of participation may govern specific cases. Personal data concerns all information relating to an identified or identifiable person. If you provide us with the personal data of other people (e.g. family members or co-workers), please ensure that they are aware of this privacy policy and only provide their data if you are authorized to do so and that this data is correct.

By submitting any application form for the Foundation’s grants, in particular, but not limited to, by using the Foundation’s website to do so, you expressly accept the terms and conditions of this data protection declaration.

1. Responsible / data protection officer / representative

The data controller described here is the Fondation André et Michel Bouriez, c/o Roux et Associés SA, Espace des Ramparts 10, PO Box 2349, 1950 Sion (Switzerland). If you have any questions relating to data protection law, you can send them to us at this address.

If you have any questions regarding mail and data relating to donations, please contact the Fondation André et Michel Bouriez at this address.

2. Collection and processing of personal data

We mainly process the personal data that we receive from our candidates and our donors, in the context of our business relations with our candidates, our winners, their employers, the hospitals or services or reception structures of the winners, the partners or service providers participating in the reception of the laureates, the scientific journals and journalists responsible for disseminating the knowledge acquired by the laureates, our customers and other commercial partners of these and other persons involved, or that we collect on the users in in connection with the operation of our websites and other applications.

To the extent permitted by law, we also collect certain data from publicly available sources or obtain it from other public authorities and other third parties. In addition to your data that you provide directly, the categories of personal data transmitted to us by third parties include, in particular, information appearing in public registers, information of which we become aware in the context of administrative or legal proceedings, information relating to your professional functions and activities (e.g. in order to conclude and carry out with your help a transaction with your employer), information about your person in correspondence and interviews with third parties, information about your state of health in connection with the consulting services you use, information about you that people around you (family, advisers, legal representatives, etc.) communicate to us for the purpose of entering into or performing contracts with you or your participation (p. . e.g. references, delivery addresses, powers of attorney), information on compliance with the legal requirements gales, such as anti-money laundering and export restrictions, data transmitted by banks, insurance companies, distribution partners and other contractual partners working with us for the purposes of the use or provision of service (eg. ex. payments and purchases), information about you from the media and the Internet (insofar as this is indicated in the specific case, e.g. in the context of an application, a press review, of a marketing/sales operation, etc.), your addresses and, where applicable, your areas of interest and other socio-demographic information (for marketing purposes), provided in connection with the use of the website ( IP address, MAC address of the smartphone or computer, data about your device and your settings, cookies, date and time of the visit, pages and content viewed, features used, referring website, location data) .

3. Purposes of data processing and legal bases

We use the personal data collected by us mainly to select our grantees among the candidates presenting their application for financial aid, to conclude and carry out our mission of financial sponsor of our grantees, to execute our contracts with our customers and partners, to carry out scientific research or conservation and dissemination of scientific knowledge. We also use them to meet our legal obligations in Switzerland and abroad. If you work for or collaborate with one of our partners, your personal data may be affected because of your position with them.

In addition, provided that this is authorized by law and seems appropriate to us, we process your personal data and that of others for the following purposes, when they are of legitimate interest to us (and sometimes to third parties):

    • selection of grantees from applicants submitting an application file;
    • development, implementation and monitoring of financial assistance to our grantees;
    • preservation and dissemination of scientific knowledge;
    • provision and development of our offers, services, websites and other platforms on which we are present;
    • communicating with third parties and processing their requests (e.g. consultations, requests for research assistance, job applications, media inquiries);
    • control and optimization of needs analysis procedures for direct contact with customers or donors and collection of personal data from publicly available sources aimed at acquiring customers or donors;
    • fundraising, advertising and marketing (including organization of events), insofar as you have not prohibited the use of your data (if we send advertising to you as an existing customer, you can at any moment to oppose it; we will then register you on a blocking list to prevent any new sending of advertising);
    • market and opinion research, media monitoring;
    • exercise of rights and defense in court in the context of legal disputes and administrative proceedings;
    • crime and other wrongdoing prevention and investigation (e.g. internal investigations, data analysis to combat fraud);
    • maintaining the proper functioning of our services, in particular with regard to our IT systems, websites and other platforms;
    • corporate law transactions and restructurings, including the resulting transfer of personal data, as well as measures aimed at business management and compliance with legal and regulatory obligations and the internal provisions of the FAMBz.

      If you have given us permission to process your personal data for specific purposes (e.g. for your newsletter subscription or background check), we process your information within the scope and on the basis of this consent, to the extent where we have no other legal basis and such a basis is necessary. You can revoke your consent at any time. However, this revocation will have no effect on the data processing already carried out.

4. Cookies / Tracking and other technologies related to the use of our website

We use “cookies” and similar techniques on our websites to identify your browser or device. A cookie is a small file sent to your computer or stored automatically on your computer or mobile device by the internet browser you use when you visit our site. If you visit this same site again, we can identify you without knowing you. In addition to cookies used only for a session and then deleted after your visit to the website (“session cookies”), cookies can also be used to save user settings and other information for a given period (“permanent cookies”). ). However, you can configure your browser so that it refuses cookies, stores them only for the duration of a session or deletes them in advance. Most browsers accept cookies by default. We use permanent cookies to allow you to store your user preferences (e.g. language, autologin), to help us better understand how you use our offers and content and thus present you with products and advertisements tailored to your needs ( this can also happen on the websites of other companies; however, even if we identify you, we do not give them any information about you; they will only know that it is the same user who visited our site ). If you block cookies, some features (such as language selection, shopping cart, checkout processes) may no longer work properly.

If permitted, we partially embed visible and invisible pixels in our newsletters and other marketing emails. By consulting our servers, we can know if and when you opened the electronic message and thus evaluate and better understand your use of the offers, in order to adapt them to your needs. Most often, this process is preconfigured in the mail program, but you can disable it.

By using our websites and consenting to receive newsletters and other marketing emails, you agree to the use of these techniques. Otherwise, you must configure your browser or email software accordingly.

Among other things, we use Google Analytics on our web pages. This service provided by Google LLC in the United States ( allows us to measure and analyze the use of the website (except for personal use). Permanent cookies set by the service provider are also used for this purpose. The service provider does not receive any personal information from us (and does not store IP addresses). Instead, it may track your use of the website, combine that data with that of other sites you have visited, and use that information for its own purposes (e.g., managing advertising). The service provider has personal data about you when you register with them. He is then responsible for their processing, in accordance with his provisions in force in terms of data protection. The service provider only tells us how our web pages are used (without personal information about you).

In addition, we use social media plug-ins on our websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ or Instagram, as well as plug-ins from other providers such as Issuu. You can visualize them (usually using the corresponding symbols). Plug-in administrators see that you are visiting our website and may use this information for their own purposes. The processing of your personal data is then carried out under their own responsibility, in accordance with their current data protection provisions. We do not receive any information about you from them.

5. Transfer and transmission of data from and abroad

Within the framework of our activities and for the purposes set out in point 3, we also disclose your data to third parties, insofar as this is permitted and seems appropriate to us, either because they process it on our behalf, or because they wish to use them for their own purposes. These include the following entities (all referred to jointly by recipients):

    • service providers (our own as well as external service providers, such as banks, insurance companies, etc.), including project managers (such as IT service providers);
    • partner organizations;
    • distributors, suppliers, subcontractors and other business partners;
    • clients ;
    • Swiss and foreign authorities, official bodies or courts;
    • media;
    • public, including website and social media visitors;
    • competitors, federations, associations, organizations and other committees
    • other parties involved in potential or pending legal proceedings;

These recipients are partly located in Switzerland, but can also be located anywhere in the world. You can expect the transfer of your data to all countries where the service providers we use are located. If we transfer your information to a country that does not have adequate personal data protection, we take the necessary steps, as required by law, to ensure an appropriate level of protection through contracts or the so-called “Binding Corporate Rules”. or we rely on legal derogations relating to consent, the performance of the contract, the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims, overriding public interests, published personal data or because it is necessary the protection of the integrity of the persons concerned. If you cannot consult the contractual guarantees mentioned above, you can obtain a copy at any time from the contact person indicated in point 1. We reserve the right, however, to black out the copies, for data protection or confidentiality reasons, or to provide only extracts.

6. Duration of retention of personal data

We process and store your personal data as long as it is necessary for the performance of our contractual and legal obligations or for the purposes sought, namely p. ex. for the duration of the business relationship (from the preparation of a contract until its execution and termination), as well as in accordance with legal storage and documentation obligations. In this respect, personal data may be stored for as long as claims against our company can be made, and insofar as we are required to do so by law or legitimate business interests require it (eg. for evidence and documentation purposes). As soon as your personal data is no longer necessary for the aforementioned purposes, it is, as far as possible, deleted or anonymized. Shorter retention periods of twelve months or less generally apply to operational data (e.g. system reports, logs).

7. Data Security

To protect your personal data against unauthorized access and misuse, we take appropriate technical and organizational security measures, such as adopting guidelines, organizing data protection training, implementing implementation of solutions aimed at computer and network security, the establishment of access controls and restrictions as well as the encryption of data media and transfers, their pseudonymization and their control.

8. Provision of personal data

Without your personal data, we will generally be unable to advise you, enter into or perform a contract with you (or the entity or person you represent). Furthermore, the website cannot be used if certain information necessary for data traffic (such as the IP address) is not provided.

9. Rights of the data subject

Within the framework of the data protection law applicable to you and insofar as it provides for it (in particular in the case of the EU GDPR), you have a right to information, rectification, deletion, restriction of data processing and, moreover, a right to object to the processing of your data, as well as to the disclosure of certain personal data with a view to their transfer to another place (known as data portability). data). However, we reserve the right to apply the restrictions provided for by law, in particular when we are required to store or process certain data, if this is in our overriding interest (insofar as we can refer to it) or if we need it to enforce claims. We have already informed you in point 3 about the possibility of revoking your consent. Note that the exercise of these rights may conflict with contractual agreements and have consequences, e.g. ex early termination of the contract or financial repercussions. In this case, we will inform you in advance, unless there is an existing contractual provision.

The exercise of these rights generally requires that you prove your identity unequivocally (eg with a copy of an identity document, when your identity is not clear or unverifiable). To assert your rights, you can contact us at the addresses indicated in point 1.

Any data subject may also assert their rights in court or lodge a complaint with the competent data protection authority. The competent authority in Switzerland is the Federal Data Protection and Transparency Commissioner (


We reserve the right to modify this data protection declaration at any time and without notice. The version currently published on our website applies. If the data protection declaration forms an integral part of an agreement concluded with you, we will notify you by e-mail or by any other appropriate means, in the event of an update.