Grantees of the André Bouriez Donation

1988 – Gilles DAUTEL, Professor of Pediatric Surgery at the C.H.U. Brabois-Enfants

1989 – Philippe VOCHE, Surgeon Practitioner University Hospital in Grenoble

1990 – Alain BLUM, Professor of Radiology at the Central Hospital of Nancy

1991 – Pierre SIBILLE, Surgery Specialist in Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Nancy

1992 – Michel DUPUY, Hand surgery in Grenoble

1993 – Jean-Marc CLAISE, Hand surgeon in Clermont-Ferrand

1994 – Hervé ROLLAND, Hand surgeon in Mulhouse

1995 – Michel NINOU, Hand surgeon in Saint Etienne

1996 – Philippe CHARDEL, Hand surgeon in Landerneau

1997 – Michel CLAUDON, Professor of Radiology at the University Hospital of Nancy Brabois

1998 – Patrick HALBOUT, Hand surgeon in Dijon

1999 – Olivier MENOUILLARD, Hand surgeon in Thonon les Bains

2000 – Franck DUTEILLE, Hand surgeon at Nantes University Hospital

2001 – Hervé BOUAZIZ, Professor of anesthesiology at the University Hospital of Nancy

2002 – Stéphane FAIVRE, Hand surgeon at Clinique Jean Causse

2004 – Stéphane BARBARY, Hand surgeon at Polyclinique Gentilly

2006 – Arié CHETBOUN, Head of AP-HP Clinic

2007 – Sybille FACCA, Professor at Strasbourg University Hospital, Hand Surgeon, Hospital Practitioner

2008 – André GAY, Hand surgeon at Hôpital de la Conception – Marseille

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