The grant

Each year, the André and Michel Bouriez Foundation awards up to three grants allowing doctors or surgeons of all specialties to undertake training stays in university hospitals, covering the costs involved in their project.

Once the training is completed and upon returning to their usual place of work, the grantees will continue their work by developing the techniques acquired during their trainings, and will be required to share this knowledge more widely by publishing articles, reports, or material of any other form, on the fields, techniques and knowledge explored and acquired during their training stay, thus benefiting the medical and scientific community in the broadest sense.

For who?

Grants from the André and Michel Bouriez Foundation are awarded to doctors or surgeons of all specialties.

Applicants must practice and be nationals of an EFTA country (European Union, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, Switzerland).

Applicants will be considered from the second year of residency.

For what?

The grants awarded by the André and Michel Bouriez Foundation aim to support the grantee during a training period of at least 12 months abroad*.

This training must allow them to deepen their specialization and develop new techniques or knowledge within their specialty in a pioneering unit.

The grants awarded are intended to cover all the day-to-day costs involved in the project presented, such as accommodation, moving and transport. Thus, they allow the grantees to pursue their training serenely. The grants awarded by the André and Michel Bouriez Foundation are awarded to grantees in a personal capacity within the framework of an agreement between the candidate and the Foundation.

* Country foreign to their country of exercice, and member of the EFTA.

The selection

Candidates who will be awarded grants will be pre-selected by the independent Scientific Committee established by the Foundation, and selected by the Foundation Council.

Applications will be assessed on the basis of the scientific relevance, the technical innovation and the originality of the project presented, the reproducibility of the knowledge acquired during the training, and the candidate's background.

The opinions of the department heads of the candidate's home and host units will be examined with the greatest attention.

Candidates must agree to write a publication at the end of their training, in a peer-reviewed journal.


Click on the following link to download the internal regulation of the André and Michel Bouriez Foundation relating to calls for applications and the awarding of grants

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