Grantees of the André Bouriez European Grant

Under the patronage of the French Society of Hand Surgery, the André Bouriez Donation offers a Study Grant to the European Institute of the Hand Nancy-Luxembourg.

The André Bouriez Donation offers a renewable 6-month study grant to any surgeon from the European Community wishing to specialize in Hand and Upper Limb Surgery and in vascular and nerve microsurgery.

The laureate receives training at the European Hand Institute in Nancy and Luxembourg under the direction of Professor Michel MERLE.

He can participate in all scheduled surgical activities but also in the emergency activity of the SOS Main Nancy and SOS Main Luxembourg services. He must during his training period carry out clinical evaluation or research work with a view to publication in a journal of hand surgery. He has the possibility of enrolling in the Diploma of microsurgical techniques and the Interuniversity Diploma organized by the Faculty of Medicine of Nancy. This scholarship is monthly for a period of 6 months, renewable once.

2000 – Karen WIEKEN, Hannover

2001 – Jaime RESTREPO, Medellin

2002 – Andrea FALCONE, Dortmund

2003 – Rodolfo VERSIN, Santiago de Chile

2003 – Monia BELLAN, Parma

2004 – Matthieu BEUSTES-STEFANELLI, Amiens

2004 – Giorgia de SALVIA, Bari

2005 – Luciano LANFRANCHI, Milan

2005 – Bernard LALLEMAND, Liège

2006 – Angelica AQUINATI, Ancona

2006 – Jean Philippe MURE, Rouen

2007 – Ali RAZIAN, Tehran

2008 – Massimiliano TRIPOLI, Milan

2009 – Lara LAZZARO, Milan

2009 – Lorena PARRA BENAVENTE, Santiago de Chile

2010 – Federico VILLANI, Milan

2010 – Gubert FREUA BUFAICAL, Goias Brazil

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